January 18


Appalachian Justice by Melinda Clayton

Title: Appalachian Justice (Gay & Lesbian)
Author: Melinda Clayton
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Book Summary

Growing up in depression-era West Virginia was hard; no one knew that better than fourteen year old Billy May Platte. Her father a victim of the mines, her mother dead from cancer, Billy May relied on the kindness of the residents of the tiny mining town of Cedar Hollow to see her through.

But the events of one terrible night in 1945 changed all that. When three local boys found Billy May in a situation that called her sexuality into question, they orchestrated a brutal attack that nearly ended Billy May’s life and ultimately drove her into seclusion.

Thirty years later, hidden away in a hunting cabin on top of Crutcher Mountain, Billy May opens her door to find a young girl running for her life, and she must make a decision:  Will she risk her own life to help the girl? Could there, after all, be a second chance at happiness? And is she brave enough to take it?

Global Ebook Gold Medal Winner in 2013, a finalist for the University of North Carolina-Wilmington’s Synergy Program in 2013, and voted Sapphic Readers Book Club Book of the Year in 2011 (under a different imprint), Appalachian Justice is a work of southern fiction that delves into social issues such as poverty, domestic violence, misogyny, and sexual orientation. Ultimately, however, Appalachian Justice delivers a message of hope.

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