Book Spotlight: The Insidious Disease – Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia by David Taylor

Book Spotlight: The Insidious Disease – Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia by David Taylor

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are the worst kinds of diseases known. It takes away friends, family, dignity, and abilities from the individual slowly and without respect for the person. It is truly “The Insidious Disease.”
This book was written to provide information for those recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, and for those that provide care to victims of the disease. Additionally, there is a section for churches, Ministers, and Christian Counselors to aid them in ministering to both the one suffering from dementia and the caregiver.

About Author David Taylor

David Taylor is a retired Police Sergeant with 36 years in Law Enforcement. He and his wife Karen reside in Missouri. David has certification as a Mental Health Coach and training and expertise in Crisis Intervention, Critical Incident Stress Management, and Suicide Awareness and Prevention. David has a Master of Theology Degree in Christian Counseling and a Doctorate in Biblical Studies. As an ordained minister, he has served as an Evangelist, Associate Pastor, and Senior Pastor.

Books authored:
The Insidious Disease: Alzheimer’s and Dementia
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Fight the Good Fight
Understanding Exegetical Bible Study
Essential Oils Basics

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