November 21


Dark Desires by Samantha Powers

Title: Dark Desires (Erotica)
Author: Samantha Powers
Publisher: City Lights Press
Links: Goodreads

Book Summary (from Goodreads)

The perks of being a financial officer for a high-powered real estate investment firm included a decent wage, crunching numbers (if your kink runs that way), and two hot bosses that Raven Denee has fantasized about spit-roasting her, while giving her orgasm after orgasm.

Powerful, wealthy, and oh so aware of their very sexy financial officer, Alex Hamilton and Romyn Davidov have had their eye on Raven since they hired her. Only now, their hearts finally free of other encumbrances, do they seize the chance to approach her.

An impromptu date at a goth club leads to all three opening their hearts…but can Raven, with her shattered past, willingly give her battered heart to two billionaires, who only want to give her their hearts in return?

Why Should You Read Dark Desires?

This is a red-hot read, great for fans of erotica that still has substance. Follow Raven and her increasingly curious bosses, and prepare for some sexy adventures.

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