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Hands Across The Sea by Brian Cook

Title: Hands Across The Sea (Drama)
Author: Brian Cook
Publisher: IUniverse
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Book Summary (from Goodreads)

What happens when real talk gets a little too real? That’s the 800-lb. gorilla confronting the Office of the Sheriff. This character-driven saga puts the rear echelon in the crosshairs as Brian Cook gives it to you straight, no chaser with his debut vehicle, Hands Across the Sea. Hands Across the Sea delves into the professional and personal sides of the badge where the rubber really meets the road. Explore how the Command staffers of The Office of the Sheriff, known as the Agency, come face-to-face with the unexpected: the changing of the guard. Their larger-than-life Sheriff, Garrison Cottrell, abruptly resigns and passes the torch to his hand-picked successor – Brendan Callaghan. Explore how their egos and isms intertwine with their leadership styles and principles, and come to light during professional and personal situations that will test their character and patience beyond enforcing the law. Gear up for what happens when the door shuts and the dialogue begins, and sometimes not in that order. Cook doesn’t just peer back the curtain, he pulls it down with a look inside the Agency that often takes on the guise of Peyton Place. But we’re talking about professionals, right? Hands Across the Sea is the first in a literary series.

Why You Should Read Hands Across The Sea?

This is a great first book by Cook. Cook lends his past experience in law enforcement as he pulls back the curtain and gives the reader a look into how the characters’ personalities and back stories influences how they approach their jobs from the professional aspects of the badge.

Highlighted Review

This is a phenomenal novel which sketches the personalities of a wide cache of command staffers all the way from the sergeant to the Sheriff and his Three Wise Men. The realistic politics provided by this dialog-driven jewel of fiction is the first in a literary saga which promises to be nothing less than exceptional. (Leon Durham- reviewer)

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