Jessica’s Footprints by J.R. Evangelisti

Book Summary (from Goodreads)

Atmospheric ionic transgression, electro kinetic propulsion, exceeding the speed of light, this is Science Fiction with a touch of the paranormal and a true mystery.

In current times, a seventeen year old girl named Jessica involved on an archeological field trip near Lake Mungo, New South Wales, finds the footprints left 20,000 years earlier.

”We fast forward twenty years to find the trajectory of Jessica’s life has changed as government scientists, and a former colleague fiercely believe extraterrestrials left the footprints. The now famous Dr. Jessica Bethany who has earned doctorates in Ethno-Archeology and Mythology disagrees with the other scientists assessments. She faces hostile crowds while on tour across the country explaining her reasoning.

Jessica while on a lecturing tour during the holiday season in Roswell, New Mexico, forms a friendship with a single woman struggling to raise two adopted children. Jessica begins to exhibit hallucinations and odd behaviors in Roswell.

It turns out here are powerful forces that want to silence the truth behind Jessica’s discovery. Lives will change forever as well as humankinds understanding of the Universe.

Why You Should Read Jessica’s Footprints?

The story is based on a unique and captivating plot with out of this world and yet believable theories. I was not at all prepared for the twist; the ending was unlike any I could have imagined; it was absolutely mind boggling.

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