Season of Surprises: Holiday Box Set by Merry Holly

Title: Season of Surprises: Holiday Box Set
Merry Holly, Gerri Brousseau, Vicki Batman, Cara Marsi, Bobbi Lerman, Jane Gale, Madison West, Kristin Drew
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Book Summary

Eight authors, eight unique love stories.

In Noelle’s Surprise by Amazon Bestselling Author Merry Holly, newlyweds Noelle and Chase discovering that there’s more to marital bliss than living on a paradise island.

In Providence by Bobbi Lerman, a wrongly accused fugitive discovers that she has the ability to travel back into time. She intends on using this unique opportunity to clear her name, but she hadn’t expected to fall in love.

In Her Frog Prince Holiday by Cara Marsi, a young woman who has always been happy being surrounded by frogs, finds herself unexpectedly falling in love with a prince.

In Holiday Handbag Extravaganza by Vicki Batman, a vintage handbag and callous sibling is the only thing standing between a boutique owner and the man of her dreams.

In Enticed by a Laird by Amazon Bestselling author Gerri Brousseau, a titled Englishwoman falls in love with a Scottish Laird. Will their love be more than enough to conquer aristocratic expectations?

In A Day for Destiny by Jane Gale, a young woman’s ordinary life is forever changed when she is confronted with some unexpected legal troubles and the arrival of a mysterious man.

In Turkish Delight by Madison West, what happens when a young woman with mild agoraphobia finds herself in the hauntingly beautiful Istanbul, Turkey? Unexpected love, adventure and self- discovery is more than what was bargained for.

In Holiday on the Home Front by Kristin Drew, a rootless waitress crosses paths with a small town soldier on the eve of his departure to the trenches. Will their new-found love survive distance, time and war?

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Why Should You Read Season of Surprises?

If you’re looking for set of unique love stories, you wont have to look farther than this holiday anthology set. Featuring eight different love stories set against the backdrop of the holiday season, eight different heroines find themselves confronted by the unexpected force of love.

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