The God Complex by Chris Titus

Title: The God Complex (Action & Adventure)
Author: Chris Titus
Publisher: Guru Knee Press
Links: Goodreads | Amazon

Book Summary

Inspired by actual events, The God Complex takes readers on a thrill ride through Chinese medicine. Discover the secrets of the Orient as you embark on a ’factional’ adventure pitting Eastern medicine against its critics in the West. Each clue brings you one step closer to solving the mystery and uncovering an ancient secret that connects Chinese medicine to martial arts.

WARNING: This book has nothing to do with religion. If you are looking for a pleasant story relating to religion, this is NOT your book. However, you SHOULD buy this book if you are looking for a fast-paced adventure novel in which you’ll discover an ancient, hidden connection between Eastern medicine and martial arts. This book is based upon actual events as experienced by the author over a fifteen year period. These events have been woven into a fictional story line to engage the reader in a way that makes the concepts more easily digested. This book contains graphic violence and sexual content. While this is a ’factional’ novel, more of this story is fact than fiction.

Why Should You Read The God Complex?

The God Complex will appeal to readers interested in learning more about Chinese medicine through an entertaining story line. It also serves as a useful travel guide for people visiting Prague.

Highlighted Review

“The intrigue that follows and the information revealed leave the reader gripped in a story that crosses continents, and mixes Eastern and Western medical practices. “The God Complex” is fascinating and makes the reader question if everything we’ve been told by the medical community is truly accurate …”

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