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The Preacher by Andrea Smith

Title: The Preacher (formerly Southern Comfort) (Contemporary Fiction)
Author: Andrea Smith
Publisher: Meatball Taster Publishing, LLC
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Book Summary (from Goodreads)

They say evil can take many forms . . .

I learned that first hand at the age of seventeen. My mother’s third husband was the preacher . . . a man of the cloth who had a secret agenda within our small Southern community.

My name is Sunny Gardner. And Layton, Alabama is my home, or least it had been until the preacher came into our lives. A minister who preached the Word, but lived a lie. But the folks in this town had closed their eyes and ears to the truth once they fell under the preacher’s spell. As it turned out, I’m the one they believed was evil. I’m the one who was shamed into leaving town.

This is my story. A story of struggle and triumph and, ultimately, a story of how I saved myself and my community from the devil himself.

Adult Content 17+

Why Should You Read The Preacher/Southern Comfort?

Andrea Smith weaves a scintillating tale of mystery, twists, and turns in this story that takes place in a small Alabama Bible Belt town. She captures the Southern lifestyle of 1979, and brings each character to life with her words and dialogue. Avery Dawson is the villain you’ll love to hate; or maybe hate to love.

Highlighted Review

This is about righting wrongs, being able to forgive and moving on. Sunny’s journey to find the truth keeps you turning the pages. Andrea Smith did a great job of displaying Avery’s grooming of the women in his congregation and claiming it is counselling. He was very self satisfying. I loved this book and in my opinion it is worth reading.

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