The Singularity is Coming: The Artificial Intelligence Explosion by Tony Thorne

Title: The Singularity is Coming: The Artificial Intelligence Explosion (Science & Technology)
Author: Tony Thorne MBE
Publisher: EtceteraPress/Createspace
Links: Website | Goodreads | Amazon

Book Summary (from Goodreads)

Will humanity survive?

Many scientists predict that as early as 2024 an unprecedented event will happen that will completely change our lives. They aren’t talking about global warming or nuclear war, but technological singularity. They predict that a computer with artificial general intelligence (AGI) will be able to program its own software and redesign itself. This superintelligence will exceed all human understanding and will be beyond our control.

In non-technical language, The Singularity is Coming clarifies what may happen and speculates about how it may affect us. It is a compilation of information that includes comments from experts, news announcements of the latest developments, and a comprehensive reading list.

In the Facts to Prophetic Fiction section is a collection of speculative science fiction pieces and short stories including: GODLIKE: The ideal companion for lonely emigrant. EQUALITY: The laws say robots must protect humans, always…? BE HAPPY WHEN WE TAKE OVER: Know your limitations. Are we on the threshold of a new golden age?

Some scientists are optimistic about the singularity and predict the new intelligence will create amazing advances. It may bring about longer, healthier lives, an end to crime, and a solution to world hunger. Others wonder where our place would be in the new order. Will this superintelligence include benevolence?

Are we on the verge of a new beginning for humanity, or the end of life as we know it? Read The Singularity is Coming now and decide for yourself.

Highlighted Review

Can we stop the progression of taking technology and intelligence to a higher level, otherwise what will it mean for us? Tony Thorne’s book ‘ The Singularity is Coming ‘ addresses these concerns and beyond with factual detail and personal accounts by experts.

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