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The Webs of Varok (The Archives of Varok) by Cary Neeper

Title: The Webs of Varok (The Archives of Varok) (Volume 2)
Cary Neeper
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Book Summary

Protagonist Shawne, 3 years old, introduced in the first book of the Archives of Varok series, travels in the second book, The Webs of Varok to the newly discovered planet Varok in Earth’s 21st century solar system. She grows up as an alien there, with her mixed family-her human adoptive mother, a humanoid thought-sensitive varok, and her beloved Conn, an aquatic being from far out Ellason.

Shawne grows up in the security of Varok’s steady state, but the achievement of its comfortably secure long-term sustainability is threatened by a varokian genius who can block her thoughts from reading-a metaphor for problems we experience on Earth when truth is compromised. The family bonds and the no-growth economy of Varok are threatened by the ambitious varokian, as her greed and jealousy escalate.

The economic problems and life on Varok and its relations with Earth are portrayed realistically, so the reader experiences what is needed to secure such a comfortable long-term future and how it can be disrupted.The mixed human-alien family faces new challenges as their needs are triggered by surprising biology. Their non-varokian friends complicate their relations and add a touch of humor to their serious efforts to save the planet from disaster.


Nautilus Book Awards Silver medalist YA 2013 Foreword’s Book of the Year Awards 2012)

Highlighted Review

“…engaging, multi-layered, provocative, and above all relevant to the times…”

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